4 Aesthetic Benefits of Installing Skylights in Bedrooms

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Skylight Installation

Do you know what skylights are?

Why are people opting for skylights in their house?

Skylights are an attractive way to let more natural light in the house, which illuminates the room naturally with the use of artificial lights. Due to skylights, more light can enter the room and dependency on electric powered devices reduces the electricity bill significantly. If the user is looking to reduce the electricity bills and want to adopt new ways, then skylights is the right choice. Earlier open skylights were used in ancient architecture. But these days skylights have become a trend and many people are opting for them, as they are energy efficient.

Skylights are used in bathrooms, living rooms, bedroom, patio, hallways and other areas of house. The idea is to fill the house with natural light and make the house look elegant and spacious. Bedrooms are the most important part of a house where a person relaxes and enjoy the quality time alone. By installing skylights in bedrooms, one can enjoy many benefits.

  1. Makes the room spacious

The bedroom makes the great use of windows by letting the sunlight in.

But what if the window is removed making space for your favourite painting?

It would be amazing to have the extra space and you can either have a painting or build a closet out it. The extra space will help the room to look spacious and effective. One can use the space for any used or can keep it empty to make the room look modern and clean. The skylights adds new dimension to the space; they allow the natural light along with the controlling the temperature. The room is naturally brighten up along with a glimpse of outdoors and can breathe the fresh air. One can even add light shafts to fit in the timber ceiling for maximum effect

2. A feel of outdoors

The skylight on the top will allow the light to enter and due to advancement in technology, the temperature could be controlled too. By hiring a good skylight manufacturer, you can opt for many designs in skylights creating different designs to enhance the ambience of the bedroom. Skylights are a way to fresh air; when one gets up in the morning, one can have the chance to breathe fresh air, just by lying in the bed. One can see a glimpse of beautiful morning sky and birds chirping – all these experiences can be possible with a skylight in your bedroom.

3. A panorama of the universe

Along with the fresh air, ventilation is also a key point kept in mind while designing the skylights. They provide ample lightning in the room and also let cool breezes flow through the room during those warm summer evenings. The cool breeze will keep the room cool and there will be no need to have an air conditioner. It would save electricity bills and also the environment. Due to the increased use of electronic gadgets, greenhouse gases have increased causing global warming, which is effecting the environment. Skylights will make the room cool and in summer nights, one can even have a view of stars shining in the sky. Leave the blinds open at night, and have a view of twinkling and beautiful stars; one can even have a view of the rising sun.

4. A Sunnier bedroom

Due to skylights, one can have a better and natural lightning in the bedroom cutting the cost of electricity. The abundant natural light during the day will illuminate the house and one can even close the blinds while taking a nap. By having sunlight in the bedroom, one doesn’t have to use electrical lights in the day to do work. These skylights will allow the natural light and even control the temperature, so that the room doesn’t heat up. During winters, the skylights can help in making the room warm without using any artificial lightning. Hence, environment is safe. By morning one can even close the skylight shades so that there’s privacy and still light can come in.

Making skylights a part of the house has many uses. These days homes are built closer and due to this privacy has become an issue. By installing the skylights, one can save money and even have privacy.

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Know Some More Incredible Reasons To Fall In Love With Skylights!

How many people you have met do not like natural light? Nowadays, you will hardly find a person who does not want to enjoy the positive effects of natural light on its overall well being. Sunlight not only lowers down multiple issues of people having high pressure and cholesterol but also enhances their immunity. Unluckily, due to the present architectural home structure, it is impossible to get enough natural light inside the home. Limited exposure to sunlight shows its healing properties. Lighting up your home means lightening up your life!

Artificial lightening can’t do much! Skylight is the only solution!

People buy artificial lighting solutions but they do not provide the benefits of natural light. Plus, they will do nothing good but lift up your electricity bill for sure. Skylights have broken the myth during to which people thought lightening needed just from windows. The introduction of these amazing roof windows has proved them as the best source of natural light in homes. Plus, skylights come in most the appealing and elegant styles that no one can say no to them. Whether you need a skylight for your washroom or living room, there are plenty of options! You can choose the best size, color and design of skylight for your home.

Install- Skylight

Skylights and rainy day

Skylights if installed at right position can bring three times more natural light as compare to any other windows that are vertically installed. Even on a rainy day, skylights can bright up your room with a great amount of light so that you can enjoy the rain.

Skylight manufacturers customize skylight according to the preferences of the customers. Always try to consider long-term maintenance factors which depend where do you live.

Before installing skylights

In most countries, skylights are basically installed in house with terraces. Most of the people prefer tube skylights to be installed in their basements or ground floor rooms. The best thing about skylight is that they can be easily installed in any existing house with minimal renovation. Before moving on the actual skylights installation, it is very important to consider some crucial factors, such as their type, design, usage, fitting or other custom requirements. Different styles of the skylights require different installation. For example, during summers, people prefer ventilated skylights to reduce the extra heat building in rooms. And during winter, people go for non-ventilated skylights to protect themselves from cool wind.

Why skylights?

The benefits associated with skylights are beyond expectations. They not only add an aesthetic value to your home but also add resale value to it. They allow you to look up at beautiful stars in the sky or enjoy the soothing sunset. As per immense growth in the advancement of the technology, skylights are upgraded in their functionality and features. Automated skylights can be controlled by just one click on remote to shield your home from climate changes like dust winds, snowfall, or rain. These skylights are equipped with sensors that have features like automated power OFF/ON.

Skylights for dark rooms

If you are having a dark room or dark painted home, then skylight can do great for you. Depending upon the interior design of the home, choose the best suitable skylights. Walls painted with black color are become a new trend in the market. Everybody loves black patterns and textures on their home walls. In these cases, skylight can spread positivity and natural light. If you are having dark rooms in your basements and ground floor, skylights can offer unlimited range of benefits.


There are several skylight distributors that are offering high quality and customized skylights in Riverside. Make your life lighten up by an elegant and finest quality skylight from a professional skylight supplier. Take a deep breath! Do some search and identify the most elegant skylight for your home.


Know the insides of the skylight repair! How to avoid the skylights leakage ?

Lightenup Skylight

Skylights, an amazing addition to the homes! These super fine roof windows are way better than the traditional windows. Skylights offer most natural lightening solutions to the people who want to give their homes a spacious and bright look. These windows not only give your home an enhanced architectural look but also lower down your utility bills.

But what about the situations where these windows have to face some issues like leakage? Skylight leakage can be little costly as they come with major floor, roof and walls damages. If you have installed skylight for the very first time and you want to enjoy its maximum benefits, then the installation should be done correctly. Where installation is the crucial part to explore its benefits, there maintenance or inspections are important as well.  But in maximum case, skylights leakage or damage is the major consequences of normal reasons like changes in weather or quality over time.

Luckily, nowadays skylight leakage and repair do not cost much and can be done quickly. It is very crucial to know those ways with which you can make important repairs easier and cost effective. You can avoid the leakage by concerning genuine skylights distributors that are selling skylights in Los Angeles.

Most crucial: Finding the leak resource

Whenever you come across to the skylight leakage, the first thing that should pop up in your mind is identifying the root of this issue. This means you to identify the main reason of the skylight leakage. You should start seeing the indication of the problem. Check if there is some sort of water stain on the ceiling. Indications like these can help to know the reasons behind skylight leak. For example, if there is water stain with the highest point which is located at the top of the skylight, then you can take a clue that there is some issue with flashing of the skylight. During adverse weather conditions, water may rush down the roof quickly can run between its shingles and skylights, causing serious leakage.

Excess condensation in skylights may cause leakage

Identifying condensation issues

The major clue of this issue can be a stain at the bottom of the skylight. The excessive condensation can be a major cause of skylight leakage.

What is condensation?

It is a natural consequence of humidity or moisture in the air, and often occurs after a heavy rainfall or storm. Excessive condensation gets trapped in a particular section of a skylight, causing leakage. In this situation, you should check your condensation channel whether it is capable of catching any excess condensation and permit it to evaporate back in the atmosphere. If there is some issue with this channel, you may face leakage or some damage in your skylight. The issues with the condensation channel can result even into adverse conditions, causing some serious issue with skylight tunnels, resulting into reduced air flows which further increase humidity. To avoid this situation, ensure the efficient working of the skylight tunnel, whether it is well-insulated or not.  Proper insulation can help you to reduce the condensation and skylight leakage.

Skylights Repair: Do it in right way

When it comes to skylight leakage, the repairing process is the most crucial especially for the people that are having skylights for the first time. And it is very important to act sooner and better so that you do not have to face serious issues. Make sure you have identified the source of leakage. You should also know where to start the repair process and how much time, money and efforts will be required for your skylight leakage process. These factors depend on the type of the skylight leakage. For an instance, some leakages are easier to correct and handle. Their repairing cost is also low and even you can even do it yourself. In some cases, you need to have complete knowledge and experience to know the interior of the leakage. In these cases, you can call some experienced and genuine roofing contractor to hire their repairing services.

Whether you are facing a minor or big skylight issue, try to know its resource. If you are not able to identify it, then it is better to call some good skylight contractor. Make your home a better place! Avoid leakage!

10 Things to Know to Install Skylights at Home (DIY)

Skylights are day lighting solutions, installed to reduce electricity bills and safeguard the environment. Structural skylight fabrication is getting advanced day by day because of the Technological Revolution and the huge demand for designer skylights.

There are various other benefits and features of skylights, such as:


  • Motor Control Options
  • Temperature Control Settings
  • Hurricane Resistant Glass
  • Rain Sensors
  • Remote Control Options
  • Skylight Shades for privacy


  • Ecofriendly
  • Saves money by reducing electricity bills
  • Causes zero pollution
  • Helps individuals to connect with nature
  • Natural light increases productivity and creativity


Directions to Install

The following are the things to know to install Skylights at home:

  1. The individual needs to find a location where he wishes to install the skylight. The location might need adjustments to properly fit the solar tube. The concept is simple- allow sunlight through a roof (window) into a reflective tube, into the space. With an electric drill, he then needs to drill holesthrough the ceiling drywall and into the attic space. Pass a wire through it.


  1. The individual then needs to mark points at the underside of the roof. Avoid hip and valley rafters, where two planes of the roof come together (angle the skylight accordingly). Screw through the underside with an electric drill to mark the area, where the individual has to cut a hole for the skylight. Avoid electrical wires as well as plumbing elements too.


  1. Take the solar dome and the flashing, a crayon, a utility knife, roof sealant, caulking gun, tape measure, reciprocating saw and screws; place the flashing over the screw on the roof. Trace inside the flashing with a crayon and carefully cut the shingles outside the line with a utility knife. Then, flip the flashing upside down and trace the inner circumference. Cut a hole around the outside edge with the reciprocating saw.


  1. Caulk the underside of the flashing with the roof sealant. Then, slip the flashing under the shingles and leave it on the bottom to extend on top of the shingles below the flashing unit. The flashing needs to be fasten with screws and the screw heads need to be coated with the roof sealant.


  1. The individual, then needs to measure the roof to the attic floor length with a tape measure to get the total length of the tube. Then, with an aluminum tape, he needs to tape around the seams of the tube and secure two parts with extra screws. The top tube needs to be dropped through the flashing then.


  1. A light deflector needs to be inserted to redirect the sunlight down, so that it faces south, the best direction to catch the maximum amount of sunlight. A dome is placed over the flashing and screwed (avoid over-tightening).


  1. He needs to draw a circle with the help of a compass (same as a solar tube) at the holes in the ceiling of the living space. Then, cut to the edge of the circle with a jab saw.


  1. Measure the exact distance from roof to the attic and attach the top and bottom tubes together. The seams of the tube can be sealed with an aluminum tube and with a brayer roller, it can be evenly adhered to the seams. Attached the top and bottom tube together (adjust tube lengths to the current length). Permanently fix the tube in place with drywall screws.


  1. Pile seal is used to create an expansion joint to allow adjustment to heat and prevent bugs from getting inside. It is used to wrap the outside tube and the tube is then inserted in the hole. Adjust the angle to line up the tube sections. Once it is in place, seal the last seam.
  2. Tuck the zip ties into the ceiling and cinch it tightly. Secure it with screws and trim so they’re flush. Pull off the film coating and the skylight is perfectly installed to allow skylight in the living space.


Skylight Orange County offers skylight installation and skylight repair services in USA. There are manyother manufacturers which deals in amazing skylight designs with out-of-the-world features, giving the place architectural feel and expression.

Be Creative! Do It Your Self!

I Took a Step Towards Eco-friendly Lighting Solutions: Skylight Installation

Do you have a skylight installed at your home?

Do skylights fascinate you?

3 years ago, I got to know about skylights and their benefits, which fascinated me so much that I read all about it and planned to install it at my place. I checked my house and finalized the roof of my drawing room to get a debut skylight installed.

I looked up for skylight manufacturers online and found out names like Bristolite skylight Installation et-cetera which deals in designer skylights, giving architectural expression to the whole place. Then, I searched for different designs to suit my needs and consulted a few manufacturers for the same.

In the end, I approached a manufacturer, which is said to deal in the best Skylights in San Diego and finalized it for my requirements. He told me about the various benefits that can benefit me and my family in our daily lives. He told me that there are studies which shows that individuals who are exposed to natural light are more productive, creative, have a pleasant mood and stay positive, as compared to the ones who stay inside the house for long hours. Actually, skylights fulfils both the purposes as it allow individuals to stay inside the house and still get exposed to natural light.

He asked for my address and scheduled a visit to see where the skylight will be installed. The visit went positive and he told me that it will take 2 days to install the whole unit and gave me a brochure which displayed the various features that it can offer, such as:

  • Rain sensors
  • Motor control options
  • Temperature control options
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • Skylight shades for privacy options for bedrooms and bathrooms
  • And finally the satisfaction to do something for the environment

I chose a few of the features and he gave me the overall cost to fix everything in my budget. The installation came with a one-year replacement guarantee and 3 free service option. He even told me that the design that I have chosen (roof skylight) can further be enhanced with designs of tube skylights in the future as per my needs.

The designs that I chose mesmerized me in my imagination and were true to it in reality as well. I really loved the whole experience because the installation caused no waste in my place and also gave my house an architectural feel. The designs complemented my furniture & structure and encouraged me to buy more of the accessories for the house to match the skylight designs.

Not to brag, but I observed changes in my family and even in myself after it. I saw that my wife is always in a positive mood and my children started scoring well in their school. Even I was more active in my work and stayed happier. After a few months, I noticed the reduction in my electricity bills due to my less usage of ACs and fans, and even tubelights.

Since then, I have installed skylights in the kitchen, bedroom and even the store room to further reduce my energy bills and enhance my family outputs. It really feels good to contribute towards safeguarding the environment by utilizing the resources optimally and creating less waste to prevent environment destruction. It even allowed me and my family to have an in-house picnic spot to have picnics on weekends, where we sit together, eat and play board games.

Skylight invention has not just helped the environment, but also my family to stay connected to the beautiful Mother Nature and to each other.

Reasons for why Tube Skylights are stronger and durable day lighting solutions.

Skylight- the best day lighting and energy saving solutions that are gaining immense popularity and demand in the market. These amazing roof windows not only make your home look so elegant but also save you from paying huge electricity bills. What’s amazing then that? Obviously, nothing! Skylights or roof windows are more durable, strong, stylish and cost effective as compare to the traditional windows. Nowadays, you can get a skylight for your each room of the home, according to your taste, style and size. You will find large number of skylights for one single room, in multiple shapes, colors and size. You can renovate your entire home by install most trendy and unique styled skylights in your home.

One of the most durable and famous type of skylights is tube and tube skylights. People have found these skylights more beneficial and affordable as compare to other types of skylights.

 What exactly the tube skylights are?

Tube or tube shaped skylights are roof windows and are cylindrical in shape and specially constructed to enlighten up your home by natural day light. These skylights make your home to look more spacious and brighter in such a way that each and every object in your room is visible. These windows are the energy efficient and high performance lightening solutions that are easily available in the market. In these windows, a small sized clear dome installed on the roof permit daylight to be stream into a light pipe which is quite reflective, extends from the roof to ceiling. Silver coated light pipe looks like a mirror allows the spectrum of light to flow and disperse fairly in your whole room with the help of diffuser fixed in the ceiling. These windows are specially designed to have lesser chances of leaks by providing the water proofing and weather-tight setup.

Most famous Tube skylight manufacturers are:

  1. Solatube are very famous for their high performance and quality day lightening solutions.
  2. Velux manufactures most stylish and energy efficient sun tunnels
  3. ODL markets slide that are remote controlled and installed above the ceiling to dims the roofed windows or skylights.

Advantages of installing tube skylights

  • Tabular skylights that are offered by most famous brands like solatubes and Velux have around 10 years warranty to make sure they are of high quality and performance. They manufacture such electrical components that are of 5 years warranty. There are so many types of tube skylights are being in use for over 20 years and are still demanding because of their high performance and proficiency. These skylights are durable, high quality and highly functional tube roof windows. They prevent you from skylights repair or leakage.
  • Tube skylights are designed by most famous skylights and are specially designed by keeping low maintenance and eco-friendly exposure in mind. There are some traditional skylights that are made up of glass and have more chances to break and leak. Whereas tabular skylights are manufactured by the use of the finest quality acrylic resin that is water and weather resistant, better clarity and functions. Domed roof windows perform improved functionality, strong and durable features to capture optimal day light.
  • The tube skylights are specifically in dome shaped and are naturally durable and strong enough to have powerful resistant. This dome is designed from the finest material to have most powerful resistant acrylic resin which has the capability to make tube skylight durable and high performance in any weather conditions. The tube skylights components are injection molded which means they are great in strength and performance.


Skylights are the great options for those individuals that want cost-effective, highly strong and durable daylighting solutions. To avoid any sort of leakage or repair, concern a reputed and genuine skylight contractor. Tube skylights are one of the best skylights in terms of shape, size and style. They will definitely look good in your home. Stay elegant! Stay Eco-friendly!

7 Most Important Things that will Make Your Skylight Installation Go Flawless

Light and skylight! What a perfect combination- a new innovation!

Skylights are the most convenient and energy efficient lightening solution through which you can start your day with warmth and brightness of the natural light. From couple of years, the skylights are advancing in features and functionality. Today, you can get every skylight for every room of your home. These roof windows are no longer the roof windows only because these days, there are large number of skylights also available for walls.


Imagine the glass walls in your living room or your kitchen with skylight right above your cooking counter! Latest trends in skylights have gone beyond expectations. Whether you have a black painted kitchen or crystal white living room, skylights go unpredictable and unexpected in terms of features and functionality.

Skylights- Stylish designing yet affordable costing

Skylights add a class to your home if installed perfectly and carefully. This is very important for any person to choose skylight for right room of your home. Quality is something you cannot think of compromising on, that is why buying right skylight from right manufacturer is very important.

Let’s have a look on some seriously important things that will make Skylight Installation easy and flawless.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Quality

With skylights, you can skimp on quality, energy efficiency, water and wind resistance. These days, the skylights are coming in multiple options like shading, ventilation and UV coating in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience or difficulty in your comfortable living. There are so many manufacturers that offer finest quality and branded skylights made up of superior material. Installation process should be undertaken seriously and with the help of expert. If you are going for Kalwall Skylights Installation, then it is very important for you to contact some professionals that are best in the market.

  1. Take care of skylight placement

If you have chosen the skylight placement according to your home’s rafter, then it is very important for you to take care of planning and keeping a blueprint before starting the actual cutting out segments of roof or wall. You can also concern an expert for cutting down the skylight opening for avoid the risk of mistakes. There are so many companies that provide such experts that can help you in cutting opening, installation, water proofing, wind proofing and Structural Skylight Fabrication.

  1. Choose right time

Installation should be done seamlessly. There is no space for error or mistake. Make sure you have chosen the right time for installation because a rain or bad weather can ruin everything. And you do not want to restart your well planned installation. Right?

  1. Here is a tip!

When things are planned, you cannot go wrong! Make sure you have select right instruments and tools to make sure you carry out safe and secure. Depending on your roof slope, you should select right ladder with height. For sloped roofs, it is better to use roof jacks to support board sized, 2 x 12 to stand securely while installing skylight.

  1. Start from the inner side

After judging the slope of the roof, you can buy flashing kit. After this, you are ready to start the installation process. It is better to start from inside. Start with driving four nails or screws in the corners of the marked outline of the box, helps in locating the skylight opening from your roof.

  1. Waterproofing, drywall and insulation

After removing the shingles, you can start water proofing the flashing. This will help your skylight to divert the water and snow fall away from the opening. After this, it is very important to apply the drywall and insulation to reduce condensation and ensure that the light that is coming inside is not exposed less than ideal place for ceiling.

  1. You can also choose ventilating skylights

There are some manufacturers that create some real quality skylights in various type, size, shape and material. Bristolite Skylights Installation experts are available in the market at very good prices.


Hope you take care of the above guidelines to avoid major mistakes in the skylight installation. Buy high quality skylight! Make your home a better to life!