I Took a Step Towards Eco-friendly Lighting Solutions: Skylight Installation

Do you have a skylight installed at your home?

Do skylights fascinate you?

3 years ago, I got to know about skylights and their benefits, which fascinated me so much that I read all about it and planned to install it at my place. I checked my house and finalized the roof of my drawing room to get a debut skylight installed.

I looked up for skylight manufacturers online and found out names like Bristolite skylight Installation et-cetera which deals in designer skylights, giving architectural expression to the whole place. Then, I searched for different designs to suit my needs and consulted a few manufacturers for the same.

In the end, I approached a manufacturer, which is said to deal in the best Skylights in San Diego and finalized it for my requirements. He told me about the various benefits that can benefit me and my family in our daily lives. He told me that there are studies which shows that individuals who are exposed to natural light are more productive, creative, have a pleasant mood and stay positive, as compared to the ones who stay inside the house for long hours. Actually, skylights fulfils both the purposes as it allow individuals to stay inside the house and still get exposed to natural light.

He asked for my address and scheduled a visit to see where the skylight will be installed. The visit went positive and he told me that it will take 2 days to install the whole unit and gave me a brochure which displayed the various features that it can offer, such as:

  • Rain sensors
  • Motor control options
  • Temperature control options
  • Hurricane resistant glass
  • Skylight shades for privacy options for bedrooms and bathrooms
  • And finally the satisfaction to do something for the environment

I chose a few of the features and he gave me the overall cost to fix everything in my budget. The installation came with a one-year replacement guarantee and 3 free service option. He even told me that the design that I have chosen (roof skylight) can further be enhanced with designs of tube skylights in the future as per my needs.

The designs that I chose mesmerized me in my imagination and were true to it in reality as well. I really loved the whole experience because the installation caused no waste in my place and also gave my house an architectural feel. The designs complemented my furniture & structure and encouraged me to buy more of the accessories for the house to match the skylight designs.

Not to brag, but I observed changes in my family and even in myself after it. I saw that my wife is always in a positive mood and my children started scoring well in their school. Even I was more active in my work and stayed happier. After a few months, I noticed the reduction in my electricity bills due to my less usage of ACs and fans, and even tubelights.

Since then, I have installed skylights in the kitchen, bedroom and even the store room to further reduce my energy bills and enhance my family outputs. It really feels good to contribute towards safeguarding the environment by utilizing the resources optimally and creating less waste to prevent environment destruction. It even allowed me and my family to have an in-house picnic spot to have picnics on weekends, where we sit together, eat and play board games.

Skylight invention has not just helped the environment, but also my family to stay connected to the beautiful Mother Nature and to each other.


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